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WCN Volume

Accelerate hiring and reduce costs

WCN Volume helps recruiters in high-volume environments - such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, travel and logistics - to manage the entire recruitment process and significantly reduce the time to hire without jeopardising quality It allows you to fill multiple roles for single posts (such as customer assistants) with relative ease.

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WCN The WCN Volume system lets you break application sources down to aid decision-making

Product features

End-to-end recruiting support %}}

End-to-end recruiting support

WCN helps with the entire volume recruitment campaign including pre-application, support during the application and post-application communications for employers, candidates and recruitment agencies

Talent banking %}}

Talent banking

Save candidate details on your system to enable faster applications to future roles more suited to their skillsets including speculative applicants or previous silver medallists.

Social media distribution and mobile compatibility %}}

Social media distribution and mobile compatibility

Leverage digital opportunities to spread the word on vacancies via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and use mobile-friendly interfaces to enable applications wherever you are

Automate processes for greater efficiencies %}}

Automate processes for greater efficiencies

Significantly reduce administration time and cost by capturing everything online in automated digestible formats allowing more focus on high quality hires

Allow candidates to self-screen for vacancies %}}

Allow candidates to self-screen for vacancies

Enable smarter recruitment to your posts using configurable self-screening questions to filter out any unsuitable candidates early on

Interfaces that are user friendly for recruiting managers & candidates %}}

Interfaces that are user friendly for recruiting managers & candidates

Brand your applications as you wish and use our dedicated communications centre to maintain positive candidate experiences throughout an application process. On the recruiter side, benefit from a system that is easy to use and offers great visibility.

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We help deliver top-quality talent and minimise recruitment costs


Other benefits include:

  • Rapid recruitment to support multiple hires to single posts – as little as 3 days in some cases
  • Consistent recruitment processes covering every applicant to your business
  • Instant reporting to help identify successful campaigns and areas for change
  • Enhance your brand using a configurable interface as needed
  • Assurance that you have full visibility of all recruitment and this data is 100% secure
  • 24/7 support available

What clients say

Candidates apply on Monday, interview on Tuesday and can start on Wednesday. WCN offers us a very lean and efficient two-touch process to volume recruitment.

Andrew Paterson

Recruitment Manager

Marks and Spencer

Nuclear Graduates John Lewis

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