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WCN Public

Best-practice recruitment technology built to government standards

We are the leading supplier of public sector e-recruitment systems in central and local government organisations. Our system is compliant to fair, open and on merit recruiting principles providing better quality candidates and accelerated processes.

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WCN Public

Product features

Robust security to government standards %}}

Robust security to government standards

WCN has been accredited to the high standards of the Risk Management and Accreditation Document Set used across UK government and is listed on the Digital Marketplace program.

Compliant to diversity and inclusion policies %}}

Compliant to diversity and inclusion policies

WCN follows recruitment principles set out by the governernment to help public sector recruiters ensure they are complying with the need to be fair, open and transparent as well as initiatives such as the Guaranteed Interview Scheme.

Easy-to-use %}}


Our best-of-breed solution facilitates at-a-glance management of the entire recruitment journey including scheduling panel interviewing or planning assessment days.

Redeployment support %}}

Redeployment support

WCN can help with streamlining manual administration process, particularly around redeploying staff with first-line support always available and confidence that processes are compliant to legal requirements at all times. 

Talent banking %}}

Talent banking

Save candidate details on your system to enable faster applications to future roles more suited to their skillsets including speculative applicants or previous silver medallists.

Candidate-centric interfaces: %}}

Candidate-centric interfaces:

Enhance your employer brand seamlessly on the interface using our self-service, easy to use, mobile friendly and easy to track interfaces for candidates.

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Reap the benefits of WCN Public

WCN Public ensures data is 100% secure

Other benefits include:

  • Enable faster recoupment of investment costs – typically notable after the first year of use
  • Improve quality of hires with enhanced filtering and screening
  • Access instant reporting to help identify successful campaigns and areas for change
  • Assurance that you have full visibility of all recruitment and this data is 100% secure
  • Know that you are compliant to all legislative and regulatory areas of concern
  • Free recruiter time for value added tasks
  • 24/7 support available to recruiters and candidates.

What clients say

This technology is essential to us adapting recruitment strategies to find the best people for public-facing critical roles.

Dean Shoesmith

Executive Head of HR

London Boroughs of Sutton & Merton

Steria Civil Service Resourcing HM Revenue & Customs John Lewis

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