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Today's Campus Recruiting: How to use trends, tools and technology for success ( webinar)

09 Nov 2017

About this webinar:

The race for top campus talent is fierce. Nearly 3 in 4 U.S. employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, the highest campus recruiting forecast since 2007. 

To be successful in campus recruiting, it is important to understand how to attract and engage with today’s candidates: Millennials and Gen Z. Taking a candidate-centric approach while leveraging the latest tools and technology can be a game changer. Tactics like Candidate Engagement, event optimization and Predictive Recruiting Scoring can accelerate hiring and improve candidate quality. 

Join Jeanette MaisterWCN Americas Managing Director, and Maren Hogan, CEO & Founder of Red Branch Media, and learn how to better equip yourself with tools and strategies for campus recruiting success based on decades of HR and Recruiting industry experience with top businesses worldwide.

Discussion topics will include:

  • The need for better Candidate Engagement and ways recruiters can take a candidate-centric approach
  • Recruitment strategies to reach Millennials and Gen Z candidates
  • Tips to capitalize on the power of events and how to stand out at a career fair
  • How to use Predictive Recruiting Scoring to zero in on the right candidates faster, improve diversity and reduce bias
  • What tools and technology you need to source, track and hire campus talent
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