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WCN are pioneers in recruitment software and have a 100% focus on talent acquisition. We specialise in providing a cloud-based talent acquisition technology suite and have decades of award-winning recruitment software expertise and an obsession with driving real change in organisations. Our products accelerate and improve the entire process of finding, attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring the best talent.



Manage and track candidates effectively with our multi award-winning Application Tracking System

Create and customise as many application forms as you want using our intuitive software that offers synchronisation to social media platforms and mobile compatibility as standard. Automate filtering to prioritize the best applicants and host all elements of applications including screening, assessments, background checks, reference scheduling, offers and elements of onboarding using the one system. Best of all, you can report on all processes using easy to read reporting and dashboards - making your recruitment process much more transparent across your business.


Easily amplify your recruitment marketing and deepen your relationship with candidates throughout the candidate journey

WCN offers a full best-in-class CRM solution to allow you to champion your employer brand and your people indirectly while catching applicant attention. Constant feedback loops means applicants and line managers are never in the dark and gives you a competitive advantage of being in a better position to hire before competitors. Talent pools means you can start engagement early with expressions of interest and silver medalists can be offered new positions faster without needing to reapply.

WCN: Engage
WCN: Event


Handle the complexity of planning and managing recruiting events

Event helps you manage recruitment events in the cloud affording you more time to engage top talent. Increased automation helps speed up hiring so that you can make recruiting events a competitive advantage for your organisation with demonstrable ROI to prove it. Focus on delivering a better candidate experience by creating events online using pre-built RSVP forms – also available on a mobile & tablet app. Plot wait lists for intimate events where space is limited using auto-placements when spaces become available to waitlisted candidates. After an event, users can apply best practice tags to categorise key candidate or event information in bulk, which can then be used for pipelining and reporting.


Manage interviews in the cloud to significantly simplify and accelerate the process

To significantly streamline and accelerate the process of making these assessments happen. Pre-built templates will let you focus on delivering a better candidate experience by letting the candidate select the best times for them to attend an interview. The times offered to applicants can be gathered with ease using our dynamic interview scheduler tool which can be monitored using tailored dashboards. Feedback can instantly be captured using online evaluation forms so decisions can be made quickly and candidates are not left in the dark for longer than necessary.



Focus on internal mobility and redeployment of staff by automating policies and prioritising talent

Internal restructuring can be difficult enough without having robust technology to help alleviate pressures. WCN can help with streamlining manual administration process, particularly around redeploying staff. First-line support is always available and we guarantee that processes are compliant to legal requirements at all times. This includes implementation of an ‘Internal Opportunities’ search engine as standard. This will help to ensure that eligible employees who are unable to be internally transferred to alternative positions can instead be registered for redeployment. This product can also support alumni mobility campaigns.


Support the end-to-end management of your intern programme to hire more

Whether your candidates are on track for a full-time offer or not, our system supports the management of your intern programme. From the placement or rotational process to mid-summer reviews and beyond. Recruiters can plan for their intakes using an in-built checklist and log records of performance tracking within the WCN system. Feedback can also be measured using configurable surveys and all outputs can be reviewed on a bespoke dashboard to monitor where a business is at and how well individuals or collectives are progressing in intern roles.

WCN: Intern


Leading talent acquisition software with Artificial Intelligence built in

Exploit the power of Artificial Intelligence to zero in on the right candidates faster. Using a data-driven process WCN has built a Decision Intelligence algorithm which will, with 90% confidence, automatically identify the candidates you will want to interview – from the moment the application is complete and submitted. This will ultimately identify up to 33% of those you will want to hire instantly. This innovative technology will allow you to focus on the human side of recruiting - building relationships and forging brand loyalty - so that you can ultimately ensure that top talent walks through your door rather than a competitor's.

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