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The Must-Know Student Recruiting Trends for 2018 in the UK

14 Mar 2018

Join talent acquisition software provider WCN and employer branding thought leader Universum in this UK-specific webinar and discover how insights gathered from almost a million student applications can help inspire new ways of thinking on how to engage and influence the best hires before competitors - such as devoting more time on focused value add activities. Tune in to understand how:

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• Competition is tougher than you might imagine and needs action to win hearts and minds
• Fallout rates are large throughout the process so engagement is king
• Diversity continues to be a big challenge in student hiring - not just gender specific
• And those diversity challenges are not confined to specialist roles alone...
• Working abroad is a booming priority for fresh emerging talent and many even want to start careers away from home
• The prominence of elite universities is also a mixed bag globally with work to do in the UK compared to overseas nations
• In the Western world, notable gaps in ethnicity highlight a need for more cultural sensitivity

... and much more besides! You won't want to miss this interactive session!

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